Without fear of being wrong clixsense is the best PTC there is to make money, this has been consolidated throughout the time it has been working, it is paradise for all who want to generate income from home without much effort, you just have to dedicate A little time to get it by a few simple click ads.
Clixsense is well known, thanks to the fact that it has been running since February 2007, this pay-per-click website has polls for its users to answer and thus generate more revenue. This is the strongest point that has established itself as the best PTC in World because there are many but very few have the form of paid surveys

How to start?

Good to start is too easy, all you have to do is register on the page through this link SIGN UP HERE registration is free and you will have no legal problem.
Once inside, all you have to do is fill in the fields with your personal data and give in register now.

You have to keep in mind that in all the businesses to make money you have to have patience even more in a PTC, but if you want to go a little faster you can buy the Premium membership for a value of $ 17 per year, in a little more than 3 Months you recover money without polls then you can say that in 2 months you will have your money.
No tienes que tener mucho miedo ya que estas páginas es la más segura para ganar dinero y va a durar muchos años más.

How to earn real money?

Ya que estas registrado en Clixsense lo que tienes que hacer es ver las tareas diarias las cuales son muy fáciles y te las voy a explicar más detalladamente.

Make daily clicks

  1. In the panel we are going to View ads, Then appear all the ads that we have to see

  2. Then we click on all the blue boxes

  3. In this section the ads will give us as payment $ 0.001 and these will be charged directly to our account and a little below this section will appear more ads in another section that I will explain later

  4. When loading the page of the advertising we select the cat in the photos that appear to us and we wait for the propaganda load and we can give in closing

  5. To see the ads of the next section is the same as the previous steps

    • Click on the blue box
    • Select the cat
    • Wait for the account to be charged and credited
    • Close and see another

In this section regular ads will pay us $ 0.01 for each ad (in this section they give us 1 or sometimes 2 ads per day, but if you are Premium appear 5 or sometimes 6) this is the great advantage of being Premium that appear many More ads and better pay is a bit tempting is not it?
Besides the small ads that appear in this section that the truth are very few that appear $ 0.005 that are credited to your account, the duration of the ads changes from one to another for example those who pay us $ 0.001 for 5 seconds is very Little time the truth why not do it and those who pay us 0.01 lasts 30 seconds I know it is already a little time consuming but you have to remember that they are the most worthwhile and when you receive your first payment you will be very excited about the effort ( Time employed)

Make money by filling out surveys?

La otra manera de ganar dinero en esta paginas es gracias a las encuestas la verdad es la que hay que dedicarle más tiempo pero vale mucho la pena, no es difícil y pagan muy bien con esta forma de ganar dinero alcanzaremos el pago de forma muy rápida no en un día, como te dije al comienzo tienes que tener paciencia pero gracias a esta modalidad vas a recibir el pago de esta página primero que cualquier otra eso te lo puedo asegurar.
Lo que tienes que hacer es dar clic en Surveys y seleccionar la encuesta que tienes, pero cuidado las encuesta tienen un cupo limitado de personas entonces si no la seleccionas rápido desaparecerá y no podrás realizarla además de eso tienes que calificar sé que te estas preguntado ¿calificar que es eso? A lo que me refiero es que los encuestadores buscar unas personas en específico y para llenarla tienes que ser de esas personas; ejemplo una empresa de cosméticos va a entrevistar a mujeres que son las que usan y saben de esos productos.

Make money with Daily Tasks?

The other popular way to make money more popular in the users besides the surveys are the daily tasks for them we go to the Task and we look at the tasks that we have to realize if at the beginning they do not appear many do not worry since when you go raising level To seem many more these tasks can pay little or much that depends on the tasks that this at that time, in this section I can not help you much because I am not good in it but the ones that I touch were looking for articles and say who wrote them sounds Easy and everyone can perform but I failed a lot then I wished you luck and you fence better than me in this part: XD.


This is a very lucky game to give you encouragement I have to tell you that in this if I have done very well because I won the prize of $ 5 clear that the major is $ 10 but neither was so lucky.
In this part what you have to do is select one of the many boxes in the image and hope that you have a good prize for this game if you are not Premium you have 30 opportunities and 60 if you are

The best way to win?

Lo mejor que puedes hacer para ganar es tener referidos anunciando tu link de referido todos los que se registre en ese link te van a dar un porcentaje de ganancia no se los quitas a ellos si no que la pagina te dan un bono por lo que ellos logren. Bueno te dejo mi link por si quieres registrarte como mi referido y vamos por muchos dólares.

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