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What is bitfaucet?

Bitfaucet is a page hybrid between a faucet that gives satoshis of Bitcoin for all the users that visit the site and see the content that the page offers, in this section the faucet has as means of payment to faucethub.io that is a micro wallet that He keeps different payments until he completes the amount necessary to complete the payment threshold which is 20,000 satoshis.
Remember that bitfaucet instantly pays for your faucethub.io account.

The other section of the page is its content which is a blog of my DAVIDJESUS ​​the administrator of the site in which to make known my experiences in other places as: FAUCET, PTC, MINING CRYPTOMONEDAS and GAMES. In which there will be tutorials on how to use the different pages, tips for games, so that the users of this page have the advice that you have gained over time and avoid mistakes that I made (that have been many) and me I would have liked to be told from the outset in this world of earning internet income.

Why was it created?

Bitfaucet was created with the primary objective of giving a small push to all the users that visit the Web through rewards in the faucet that was the best that I worked in this world to make money by Internet and thus to help to progress to all the Which are beginning, in addition to rewarding the tips that I hope will work for many and knowing that they will not lose their money as it is lost yo.

How to use the Web?

The first thing that you have to know to use is to have a Bitcoin wallet to be able to receive the rewards of the faucet at this moment I will teach you how to create one and then that is Bitcoin which is also important that you know but well let's go first the wallet Which is what you urgently need to use any faucet.
There are different purses but I will suggest the ones that I use and the characteristics of each of them as the advantages and disadvantages although there are not many.
For this Faucet and other faucethub.io I recommend a Coinbase wallet which is compatible and does not generate any problem, this wallet is very similar to paypal but the difference is that it is in Bitcoin.


  • Has a wallet for bitcoin and for ethereum
  • Have a referral plan that gives $ 10 dollars for each user you invite and fill your balance with $ 100
  • The interface is very good and easy to handle and is the safest wallet there is
  • You can buy Bitcoin directly from your platform (depends on the country)


  • The payments are instantaneous (in faucet specialized in this wallet, this paid by faucethub)
  • It has a debit card that can be used anywhere in the world
  • It has a good interface and is very easy to use
  • No referral program

steps to follow

  1. You have to register in Coinbase HERE or in the previous image and fill in the personal data
  2. Take out the wallet address to receive payments This address is a series of numbers and characters that are unique and function as an identification for payments
  3. View the contents of the website bitfaucet.website and then paste the address in the space of YOUR ADDRESS
  4. Fill up the Captcha that shows that you are not a robbery as this Faucett is banned from using them
  5. When you have filled the captcha correctly press the GET REWARD button! And get the reward
  6. To see the balance that you have put together just go to faucethub.io and copy the address of your wallet in check balance and ready, as you can see is very easy

What is Bitcoin?

He is a cryptomoneda that is used like payment system invented by an unknown programmer although it is said that was created by satoshi nakamoto, hence the name of the cents of the Bitcoin (satoshis).
This was introduced on October 31, 2009, there have been several claims and speculations about the identity of its creator, but none was confirmed the systems is peer to peer and transactions take place between users directly without any intermediary, these Transactions are verified by the network nodes and are recorded in a public accounting book called Blockchain, since the system operates without a central deposit or a single administrator, the United States treasury classifies Bitcoin as a decentralized virtual currency, there are many More virtual currencies but Bitcoin is considered as the first crytomoneda, thanks to which it is the largest in its class and in terms of value in the market.
Bitcoin is created as a prize in a great competition in which users offered their computing potential to verify and record transactions in the Blockchain. This activity is known as mining and the best are rewarded with transaction fees and Bitcoin newly created, in addition to mining can be used as means of payment or exchange for other cryptomonedas.
En febrero del 2015 el número de comerciantes que aceptan Bitcoin para los productos y servicios paso de 100.000, en lugar de pagar del 2 al 3% en procesadores de tarjetas de crédito, comerciantes que aceptan Bitcoin pagan cuotas de 0 hasta el 2% a pesar del aumento del aumento de comerciantes de lo aceptan en el 2014 esta cryptomoneda no tenía micho impulso en las transacciones de venta al menor.
Las autoridades bancarias europeas han advertido que los usuarios de Bitcoin no están protegidos por los derechos de devolución o de débito, además el uso de los delincuentes han llamado la atención de los reguladores financieros, aplicaciones de la ley y numerosos medios de comunicación. También muchos funcionarios en países como los estados unidos también reconocen que el Bitcoin puede proporcionar servicios financieros legítimos no solo actividades criminales.

Thanks and welcome, this is your site.

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